+ Can I use your music in my video / school project?

Yes, as long as you’re not making money from the video! Please provide written credit to my channel as well as a link to my channel! Here’s an example that you’re welcome to copy and paste:

  • (Music provided by Insaneintherainmusic: youtube.com/user/insaneintherainmusic)

+ Do you have sheet music for your videos?

Yes! Check the description of the specific video you’re looking at. If it’s a video posted after July 2015, there should be sheet music in the description. If the video is a solo piano cover, check http://www.ninsheetmusic.org/ for sheet music. If none of the proceeding conditions are met, then I probably don’t have sheet music.

+ Can I collaborate with you?

Although I'd love to collaborate with everyone if I could, the unfortunate answer is probably not. I have a high standard of quality and a very tight schedule! Because of this, I generally prefer to collaborate with musicians who I know have proven their musical ability, recording quality, and ability to adhere to deadlines. If you have evidence (YouTube videos, social media posts) of your ability to meet these qualifications, though, email them to me!

+ Can you cover this song?

Maybe! I receive many song requests every day. To better keep track of them all and determine which songs have the most demand, I request that you submit your song request here!

+ What’s your saxophone setup?

I play on a Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Tenor Saxophone. My mouthpiece is a Eugene Rousseau Studio Jazz 5, with Rico Jazz Select 3M reeds, and a Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature. For Bari Sax, I play on a Yanagisawa B990 Baritone Saxophone. My mouthpiece is a Otto Link Tone Edge 8, with Rico Jazz Select 3S reeds, and a Francois Louis Ultimate Ligature. Further information on my gear can be found on my Amazon page.

+ I want to start recording some music, what equipment should I get?

Here is a list of gear that I recommend for musicians just starting out. This is a bare basics collection, including a microphone, audio interface, cable, and mic stand for just about $200. Another option is to purchase a USB microphone, such as the AT2020 USB or Blue Yeti, but I highly recommend purchasing an audio interface and XLR microphone to future-proof your setup, as you will most likely eventually want to upgrade to an XLR interface.

+ Where/how did you learn to arrange music?

I learned most of my arranging knowledge from analyzing songs that I liked, and from "Instrumental Jazz Arranging" by Mike Tomaro & John Wilson.

+ What books do you recommend?

Here's my recommended reading list!

+ What software do you use to make your videos?

I arrange my music in Sibelius, record and mix audio in Reaper, and edit video in Adobe Premiere.

+ How do you license / distribute your music?

I use Distrokid for both of these things! Distrokid acquires the proper mechanical licenses for my covers, and also sends them to music retailers. I am sponsored by Distrokid, and you can sign up to their service at a discounted rate with my referral link!

+ Why is [songname] not on iTunes or Spotify?

It's likely because the song in question is not licensable according to US Compulsory Mechanical License protocol. Because these songs that I'm covering weren't originally composed by me, I have to get a license that allows for revenue obtained from my cover to be shared with the original composer / rightsholder (as it should be!) To obtain a Mechanical License using Compulsory Mechanical License provision of US Copyright Law, the song in question must be released on a commercial release in the United States. A good example of this for video game music is the Pokémon Super Music Collection series, which is released on iTunes for pretty much every main series Pokémon game. Because this is an official commercial release, I can legally cover and distribute covers from these Pokémon games.

Additionally, it is possible that the song you're thinking of is a medley, which presents more copyright hoops to jump through! Since a medley is a collection of several unique themes, typically, each theme needs its own Mechanical License. These fees add up fast, and for big medleys, the song could be losing money, where more money would have to be paid out to the original composers than the song is generating itself. It's certainly in my best interest to release every song I do on music stores, and it's my wish that all composers are paid properly and obtain the respect they deserve for writing such awesome music!

+ Can I hire you to write music / record saxophone / do general music things for my project?

Yes. Email me.